A Letter from Dixon Dedman on COVID-19

Leigh Jefferson Beaumont Inn News


Are you ready for the next great phrase we’re going to hear over and over and over?  Here it is:  “Flatten the curve”.  I’ve already heard it fifteen times this morning.  All the precautionary measures around keeping large masses of people from interacting, banning travel, cancelling large sporting events, suggesting the cancellation of church services, and so on, these are measures to “flatten the curve” or prevent the spike in the number of cases of corona virus.

At Beaumont Inn, The Old Owl Tavern, The Owls’ Nest Pub and across our property, we have always and will always continue to adhere to the most sanitary practices, going beyond what is required of us by our local Health Department.  We disinfect every square inch of our property on a regular basis and our Culinary Team is well versed in and employs sanitary and hygienic measures well beyond what is required.

I realize everyone is scared.  I’m scared.  But, we have to also continue to live our lives.  In addition to that, we have to support each other.  We have 50 employees who need to work in order to pay their bills.  We are taking every step to make sure those who choose to dine with us or spend the night with us are as safe or more safe than in your own home.  If you don’t want to dine with us or are afraid of being around others, then just call your order in:  (859) 734-0559.  We’ll pack up your meal and you can take it home.  Come stay with us and get away from the crowds, we’ll keep you safe. 

We’re all in this together.  We have to take steps and measures to keep each other safe and healthy, but let’s remember there are a lot of people who can’t afford to just be sent home with no pay.  Let’s be cautious, but not overly cautious.  Life doesn’t have to stop completely.

Best Regards,

Dixon Dedman