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Batch #2 of Kentucky Owl

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We’re delighted to announce the release of our second batch of handcrafted Kentucky Owl Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Batch #2 will be released exclusively in Kentucky and sold at fine retailers and dining establishments. It is now in the hands of our distributors. We have been alerted that it will reach stores the first week of September. Creating this round has been just as exciting as making our inaugural batch, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Batch #2 is another Barrel Proof expression: a carefully selected blend of 6 Barrels (3 Char 4 and 3 Char 5) chosen for their character and readiness for bottle. Our process involved experimenting with the contents of 9 of our favorite barrels over the course of this past year, and the subsequent blending of over two dozen combinations from which to make our final selection. All of those samples were interesting, many were tempting, but our final selection was simply head and shoulders above the rest.

This Second Release shares the same long and lingering spicy, cinnamon and peppery finish as Batch #1, but with more age on it; and the addition of more of the sweeter notes from the Char 4 barrels gives it an initial honeyed tone on the front of the palate.  It starts smooth, creamy and rich with nice buttery and sweet red fruit notes before developing into the big, bold finish that you expect from Kentucky Owl. 2015 Kentucky Owl Batch #2 is 117.2 proof / 58.6 % alcohol by volume.

Once again, Kentucky Owl will only be released in Kentucky. We don’t know who gets it, nor do we know how much they each get, but we do know that there are 1380 bottles in this release. We wish you happy hunting.

There are great things in store for the future of the Wise Man’s bourbon. In the meantime, we think you’ll agree that the second batch is an in-depth expression of the full-flavored Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon you’ve already come to expect from Kentucky Owl.

And we think we’ve done our founder, C.M. Dedman, proud.

Thank you,
The Kentucky Owl Family

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