Garden Update

LeighAnne Beaumont Inn News

By Helen Dedman

july141Well, it has been an interesting year for the gardens! Early in the Spring Chuck contracted with a gentleman to plow the garden plots, going deeper than the usual tilling. I warned him to make sure he did not plow the butterfly garden that I put in last year. Remember? I was so proud and excited to see what plants made it through the winter and if by chance we had any butterflies. You guessed it; Chuck did not catch him in time. The whole thing plowed under, even the garden butterfly ornament our good friends, Mark File and David Soyars gave us! GONE! I was so devastated I couldn’t even cry or get mad. Chuck felt really bad. Fortunately, I kept the list of plants and the plotting so off to Shooting Star Nursery I went. I replanted and Chuck mulched it—the hard part was his peace offering. But interestingly enough, I think it is even better this year. Lots of milkweed (crucial element for Monarch Way station) came up voluntarily as did a huge gourd plant. The butterfly ornament never showed up, but maybe the butterflies will!

july142I got two hives of bees this spring! Queen Adelina and Queen Beatrice are doing very well. Beatrice has already filled the first box with brood and I had to put a super on her hive. Adelina hasn’t filled her hive yet but almost. If it sounds like I know what I am doing it is because I have wonderful, patient mentors who have taught me so much. Bees are amazing. I probably won’t get honey this year but maybe next fall. I think the bees are helping the garden!

Now the vegetable garden. Our spring was very wet and cold so we didn’t really start planting until mid May—tomatoes, squash, green beans, cucumbers. More to add later such as okra, radishes, more squash. Oh, the plans we made, but then I fell and broke my elbow. (Fell on the tennis court, am healing nicely, but not in the plan.) Chuck tills and I plant. So the garden is scaled back a bit, but it is producing. We are harvesting cucumbers, green beans and squash. Tomatoes are on the vine and okra plants are coming up.

Come see the gardens! And while you are out there notice the large concrete pig behind the green july143building. My mother-in-law collected pigs and her good friend, Ralph Anderson bought her this large 2 ton pig for her collection which she named Prudice. At one time it “lived” in her back yard along with little concrete piglets. After her death, we thought it appropriate to move Prudice to her new home, which is behind the ham house. But recently I found out that Prudice has another name, The Pig of Shame! At the doctor’s office one of the receptionists asked the story of the pig because she and her family like to go look at the sunflowers, passing by Prudice on the way. During one special birthday celebration as they went out to the gardens, it was decided that the birthday boy should have picture made on the Pig of Shame. Now it is a tradition! Love it! I knew about tradition of picture taking on the tree out front but the pig is a new one. Do you have a Beaumont Inn tradition? We’d love to hear about it.

Hope to see you soon along with the butterflies and the bees.