January 2013

Dixon Beaumont Inn News

jan131Thanks to all who made 2012 a most memorable year for all the right reasons. Business was up generating strong revenues and solid financial strength which supported employee stability and positive investment in our local economy and community. Our Corporate partners, Corning Inc., Hitachi Automotive, Wausau Paper and others were with us week in and week out, and for this we were so grateful. Our non-business guests also came out to play be it bourbon tastings, horses, festivals, antiques, sporting events, reunions, romantic getaways or whatever and we welcome you back in 2013 to make new memories. Of special note, a huge thank you to Centre College of Danville, Kentucky and the Vice-Presidential Debate Commission for twelve glorious days in October as we were once again engaged to host the Commission members (including moderator Martha Raddatz) for this historic event. It truly was an awe-inspiring experience into our country’s political process.

With the dawning of the New Year, we set our attention to the usual paint, plaster and repair which characterizes our winter season. In addition, we went to work designing a new look in bed linens, completed the addition of all flat screen TVs, new wallpaper in several guestrooms and bathrooms, several new window treatments and upholstered chairs, updated bathroom amenities, acquisition of four new pieces of kitchen equipment and most exciting, the signing of the contract to individualize the HVAC system in Goddard Hall. Target date for completion of all is set for April 1.

No update would be complete without a note about the current queen of Beaumont Inn. I quote a fraternity brother of mine, Dr. Ralph Cooper of Bowling Green, Kentucky who wrote of his initial sighting of the queen during breakfast following an evening’s Holiday Gathering of fraternity brothers here at the Inn. Dr. Cooper relates, “We were present in The Beaumont’s dining room Monday morning when we witnessed the grand entry of The Queen of Everything, aka Simms Dedman, Chuck and Helen’s grandchild. It was a wondrous sight to behold. Held aloft by her father Dixon, the beautiful toddler regally surveyed her many subjects. As royalty should, she beneficently acknowledged and welcomed the unending oohs and aahs of the adoring crowd, all of them beckoning Dixon to bring Simms to their table. With a grandmother’s extrasensory perception, Helen suddenly appeared to whisk Simms into her arms. Simms and Helen dutifully made their rounds from table to table, and then Simms retired to her throne where she further entertained supplicants before the wait staff entreated her jovially in taking her breakfast order. While awaiting her vittles, she was passed around to immediate family and friends, being treated to laughter-eliciting tosses into the air and stomach blubbering–all to her delight. Eventually the chef came out and personally presented Simms with her made-to-order corncakes. When we exited, she was still in her throne (that being her Dad’s lap) with Dixon cutting her food and feeding it to her dramatically…the world at her feet!!” (I guess you can tell she rules the roost around here!)

The mention of breakfast above reminds me of a question often asked of what to do with the scraps from the “Holiday” country ham. Here is a suggestion for a quick and hearty breakfast to use up these leftovers which I often make at home. You will first need to pick through the ham scraps to discard those fatty or gristly pieces. Finely chop the lean ham pieces and refrigerate for later use.

jan132Country Ham and Cheese Omelet Recipe

  • Grease one 12 ounce egg dish lightly with butter
  • Two farm fresh eggs beaten in dish
  • Add ¼ cup chopped country ham, ¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese, ¼ cup milk or cream – stir well in dish
  • Cover with paper towel and microwave approximately two minutes or until done.
  • (When I begin to feel guilty about the calories, I substitute light butter, low calorie cheese and 2% milk. This does not happen very often so I always add a side of fresh fruit and fresh juice to make me feel better!)

– Chuck