New York Times Feature

Dixon Dedman at the Beaumont Inn (photo credit The New York Times)

On January 2, 2019 The New York Times article featuring Dixon Dedman by Clay Risen was published. This article was the perfect start to 2019 and the 100-year celebration of the Beaumont Inn. Titled, “Led by Cult Bourbons, Distillers Dream of a ‘Napa-fication’ of Kentucky,” the article examines the rise of the bourbon industry, explores what led to the production of Kentucky Owl Bourbon, and provides an overview of the history of the Dedman family and the Beaumont Inn. For your chance to read the full article, click on the article title above.

The article provides a great start to our 100th year and gives all the reasons you should come visit us in 2019. For more about Kentucky Owl Bourbon click here. Want to have a personalized bourbon tasting and ask Innkeeper Dixon Dedman all about his New York Times experience? Then book your private bourbon tasting with Dixon today.

Dixon Dedman holding a bottle of Kentucky Owl
(photo credit The New York Times)