October 2012

Dixon Beaumont Inn News

oct121We had a great summer, I think?! It seemed to go so fast and I love summer. I love summer foods: fresh homegrown tomatoes, okra, green beans, corn, kale, squash, and anything cooked on the grill! I love summer clothes: flip flops and shorts. I love drinking morning coffee, eating supper and reading on the screened-in porch. I love swimming, running (well, sort of running) and playing tennis in the summer.

Enough already, right? But what we did do a lot of this summer was work in the garden at home and the Inn. Well, both looked great at the first of the Spring, green, growing, weed-free, then the hot, dry summer hit. Tomatoes, 67 plants, at the Inn didn’t like the oct122dirt where they were planted. The squash and cucumbers didn’t like the drought. The crows got the corn (we were told if you stake out a dead crow in the cornfield they will never bother you again. Crows may not but Humane Society might!) But we did well with the green beans—I canned 36 quarts. And oh my gosh, we had so much okra we just quit picking it. I pickled 48 pints, froze so much gumbo our freezer won’t hold anything more and Chef Jerry came up with many different okra dishes. My friends started running from me when they saw me with a grocery sack filled with okra. We even thought about serving it at breakfast but……

We had never planted sunflowers before and they loved the hot summer! They attracted beautiful birds and amazing how many seeds come from that blossom.oct123

Speaking of canning and pickling, did you know Chuck’s great grandmother was the first county extension agent here in Mercer County. She went out to all the farms to show the women how to safely can vegetables and meats. Maybe she inspired me!

We are so pleased with the “buy local, serve local initiative” that we started listing what we have been using/selling for several years. Here’s the list:

  • Corn meal mix, Weisenberger Mills, Midway
  • Brown Sugar Syrup, Sheila Poynter, Beaumont kitchen
  • Country Ham, Meacham Hams, Sturgis
  • Local produce in the summer
  • Marksbury Farms Meats, Stanford
  • Farm fresh eggs, Harrodsburg
  • Sweetgrass Granola, Stanford
  • Green Tomato Relish, made by Chuck Dedman
  • Mom Blakeman’s Cream Candy, Lancaster
  • Rebecca Ruth Bourbon Balls, Frankfort
  • Ruth Hunt Blue Mondays, Mt. Sterling
  • Kenny’s Cheese, Sturgis
  • Howard’s Creek Beer Cheese, Lexington
  • Great variety of Kentucky Bourbon and Beer

Beaumont Inn Gift Shop represents many local artists.

We had a great summer of food, family visits, gardening, and enjoying watching our granddaughter, Simms, grow and learn. She is on the verge of walking and talking and so much fun!

Now I am loving cool evenings, warm days, Keeneland, fire in the fireplace and hot soups and baked chicken, canned green beans, sweaters and sweatshirts. Maybe its Fall I love!