From Barrel to Bottle, a Taste of Kentucky with Dixon Dedman

For fans of Kentucky Bourbon, the Bourbon distilleries are a must see! But, if you truly want to develop a taste for fine Kentucky Bourbon, the Innkeeper’s private Bourbon Tastings are the only way to go (with no driving) and in the comfy confines of the Inn’s Tasting Room.

Details of Tastings with Innkeeper Dixon Dedman

Starting back April 2021!

Cost:  $80/Participant

Availability:  Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Evenings at 5:00 PM (*Based on Dixon’s Availability)

Scheduling:  Email Dixon at to Reserve (Suggest Contacting Dixon a Minimum of 1 Month in Advance)

Over the course of an hour to an hour and a half, Dixon will share with you 5 pours from the collection of the Old Owl Tavern and his personal collection.  Be prepared to learn about the history of American Whiskey, the history and profile of each particular product, Dixon’s simple and approachable method of tasting and whatever else comes out of the conversation.  Dixon is an open book when it comes to whiskies he’s been involved in and whiskies he has a passion about.  This is a truly unique tasting experience not available anywhere else in Kentucky or on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail ®.  This is the only way to learn about Bourbon without ever having to leave your seat.  Taste different bourbons from different distilleries side-by-side with an expert.  Because of high demand and limited supply, each tasting is now a combination of the original Profile Tasting and the Premium Tasting.

Also available upon Request:  Ultra-Premium Tastings & Rye Whiskey Tastings

Some common pours:  Pappy Van Winkle, Van Winkle 10-& 12-Year Old, Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batches, Old Forrester Birthday Bourbons, Vintage Whiskies, Private Barrel Selections, Weller, Russell’s Reserve, Blanton’s, Rowan’s Creek, Willet Private Selections, Kentucky Owl, and many, many more.

Flights are also available in the Old Owl Tavern.

After your tasting be sure to dine with us at one of our great restaurants, it is the perfect way to finish your evening after your private tasting experience.

Watch a video introduction by Dixon: