September 2012

Dixon Beaumont Inn News

sept121What a great summer we’ve had here at Beaumont Inn. So much so, I know I have neglected this blog and feel a bit embarrassed it has been so long since an update has been published. But busy is good, so let’s not complain too much and bring you up to date on some of the “goings on” we have enjoyed.

The month of February found Helen and I on St. George Island, Florida with our first ever long absence from the Inn. This, of course, was made possible by Dixon taking the lead of the day to day operations where he excels in a very professional and hospitable manner. He was definitely born to be an Innkeeper. We spent our off time reading, walking the beach, cycling and setting a new record of consuming 57 dozen oysters in just 28 days! I have to admit, we were ready to get back to our beloved Kentucky Country Ham and Yellow-Legged Fried Chicken. We did have a visit by both the Dixon Dedmans (Dixon, Elizabeth and Simms) and the Adam Bowlings (Becky and son-in-law, Adam) while on the Island which made it a little bit more “absent friendly” from our Kentucky home. sept122

We returned home to help the Big Blue Nation root our basketball Wildcats to the National title in New Orleans and to plot our strategy for the summer garden at the Inn. More on that later.

April had our attention as we (Dixon, Elizabeth, Helen and myself) adopted a few changes in menu, such as a switch to a plated Sunday Brunch away from the large weekly buffet. This has proven a great decision and I hope you will have the opportunity to give it a try if you haven’t already. Be sure to try the Eggs Beaumont, my favorite! (This menu as well as all our menus are found on line.) We also completed several Inn updates during this time such as flat screen TVs, duvets and new bath soap and shampoo dispensers in several rooms.

sept123Next our attention turned to prepping the Inn’s vegetable gardens, readying the swimming pool for the season and finalizing our staff for the summer push. As usual, what a wonderful variety of summer festivals one can experience in our immediate area. Just to mention the unexpected, what a surprise to have Doc Severinsen perform on our front lawn during the Great American Brass Band Festival! How cool was that?

Our local community theatre group in conjunction with Old Fort Harrod State Park revived our outdoor theater under the stars for three July weekends by producing the frontier-themed play, The Battle for Kentucky, in the James Harrod Amphitheater. We hope this will be a catalyst for future performances for our summer visitors and community members alike.

sept124A hot and drought-conditioned summer proved very tough on the gardens, but they still responded with a bounty of fresh vegetables; green beans, squash, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, corn, okra, herbs, etc… It was a great season of eating fresh from the garden! We continue to purchase fresh garden vegetables from our local farmers and fresh farm eggs from JoAnn McCoy, our egg lady extraordinaire. And of course, we have just recently staged our Country Ham aging house with next year’s hams, a great batch ready to slumber awhile as they mature in flavor and texture. Sweet dreams!

Harrodsburg’s Main Street now offers the new Arts Council of Mercer County Gallery and Studio. A great new stop for you on your next visit. Also, be sure to view our new James Harrod mural on the rear of the County Court House off US 127 at the US 68 intersection. The first of many “artsy” additions to come downtown. If cycling or paddling is your thing, then we have something else new for you. Our sept125Community Advancement Partnership organization has sponsored the formation of a local cycling club, Pioneer Cycling Club, and a local paddling club, Pioneer Paddlers. In the future, they will offer weekly scheduled activities in hopes of attracting other such outdoor enthusiasts to join them for these events. Stay tuned for more information on their upcoming schedules.

And last but not least, please refer to our website for Dixon’s personalized Bourbon Tastings. What a great way to finish off a day of exploring Kentucky’s Bourbon Distilleries. This new Inn experience has been so well received that oftentimes, he has had a waiting list of tasters wishing they had reserved their seats well in advance. Please note advance reservations are required as these are personalized tastings for each individual request dependent upon Dixon’s schedule. So neat, no pun intended!

We are officially only a few days away from autumn. Fall Harvest Festivals, Keeneland Thoroughbred Racing, Autumn Colors, and College Football fill the calendar. Pack away the bathing suits, white shoes and sun bonnets; park the kids with your mother-in-law and slip away for a Beaumont rendezvous! We’d love to have you visit!