Thanksgiving at the Beaumont Inn: Always a Family Affair

Leigh Jefferson Beaumont Inn News

There are so many reasons why I love Thanksgiving at the Beaumont Inn. First, it is all about tradition! It is a family time. We have guests that have been spending the holiday with us for years; it’s like they are coming home. And just like all families, newcomers are welcome and new friendships are made. Folks come in asking if “so and so” are coming, how have they been, we heard they had a celebration in the family, etc. I love it!  I love the time of year, chilly, usually a fire in the parlor fireplace, folks reading by the fire, constantly feeding the fire and sometimes even taking a snooze. Usually the weather permits folks to stroll downtown to see new shops and visit old friends they have made in the past. But of course, the Beaumont Inn Gift Shop is open and ready to gift wrap those holiday gifts and treasures found there. Our version of Black Friday, Cyber Monday all rolled into one “no rush” shopping experience.

There are so many family memories of working together in the kitchen on the big day. We only serve scalloped oysters (fresh) once a year. My father-in-law and his twin boys, Chuck and Nick, mastered the process back in the 70’s which started this family affair with oysters. Chuck then moved over to managing the preparation of everything and the oyster process was delegated to my mother and father in law, Bud and Mary Elizabeth, or as the family called them, Mam and Big Daddy. About this time our children, Dixon and Becky, and our niece and nephew, John and Amy began to get in the fray. All four waited tables, cleared tables, prepped the relish trays, etc. It was great fun to have them all together! I will remember all the funny stories this year as I prepare the oysters and watch Chuck and Dixon get everything else ready. I just can’t wait until the grandkids get into the fray!

And then there is the rest of the Thanksgiving FOOD—just about everything served on this day is made in our kitchen. Lawrence Watts, our kitchen manager (who has been with us for about 30 years) begins roasting the 20 to 23-pound turkeys the week before that Chuck starts carving on Monday. Tradition dictates that he labels each pan of turkey using a staff member’s name, which lightens the hours spent standing and carving. The week of the Big Turkey Day, the traditional jellied fruit salad, salad dressings, cornbread dressing (stuffing,) cranberry orange relish, pecan cakes and pumpkin pies are made. On THE DAY, the yeast rolls, corn bread muffins, whipped (real) potatoes, corn pudding, scalloped oysters and giblet turkey gravy are made. Are you hungry yet? Join us because we love putting this terrific meal together for you and your family. It is a good day and we want you to relax and enjoy, letting us keep the family Thanksgiving tradition going at Beaumont Inn.

We look forward to seeing you tableside,

Helen Dedman